NLP Facilitator Training

10-day C-NLPS™ FACILITATOR Certification Training

Our 10-day C-NLPS Facilitator Training is the place you want to be to learn what NLP really is and how it works. The whole course is taught in a way that really helps students understand how and why the methods work, and when to use them with clients.

Benefits of Our 10-day Facilitator Training:

This is a unique life-changing experience that gives you very powerful tools for all types of issues, goals, and people.

You’ll see and experience powerful changes for yourself and facilitate them with your classmates.

It is a complete learning experience filled with live demos and practice, as well as Q & A about the methods.

It comes with 2 Training Manuals, a Workbook, and all other necessary materials.

Upon completion of this training, you’ll be a certified C-NLPS Facilitator.

Who the 10-day C-NLPS Training is for:

  • Anyone interested in becoming a better Hypnotherapist, Life Healer, or Coach.
  • Licensed mental health professionals looking to expand their knowledge and practice with elegant and powerful tools and knowledge.
  • Business professionals looking to raise their game by learning leading edge NLP technology to consistently perform at their best.
  • People interested in personal growth or who want to be more confident and feel better about themselves.
  • People who just want to be Happier or Do more or Achieve more in their lives.

This training is an experience that goes way beyond simply learning powerful change technology, because you get a direct experience of every method, giving you a ‘from the inside out’ understanding of each process so that you know for yourself what’s possible with these methods.

Overview of 10-day C-NLPS Training:

Classes run Monday-Fridays, with the weekend in between off. Previous NLP Training is required before taking this course. Our 1-day Foundations Training is an accepted class to meet the previous training requirement. Please Contact Us to discuss Other training you may have taken that you wish to use to meet the training requirement.

Information, Skills & Techniques in Our 10-day C-NLPS Facilitator Certification Training:

Clear definition of NLP & the Major Presuppositions of NLP — Understand what NLP is and what it can be used for in yourself and others.

Ecology & Rapport — Know how to communicate with all kinds of people and gain rapport easily in working with Clients.

Eliciting Feeling States — in Clients, and methods to intensify them, so that you can put people in touch with their own inner resources.

Eye Accessing Cues — What they are and how to read them, so that you have a way of knowing what a client is doing mentally, just by watching their eye movements.

Representational Systems & Submodalities — Understand the power of how memories are represented and how to use that knowledge to create positive changes in people’s thinking, feelings and behavior.

Anchoring — What it is and how to use it to connect people with their resources at will, and how to use Anchors to redirect people’s thinking, feeling, and acting in effective and beneficial ways.

Developing Kinesthetic, Auditory & Visual Acuity — in calibrating responses from clients, means having the ability to really perceive and understand your Client’s communications in words, tone of voice, and having the ‘feeling sense’ to effectively use Kinesthetic Anchors.

Mapping Across States — A very powerful process that converts ‘feeling stuck’ and not taking useful action, to really feeling empowered and acting appropriately.

Mapping Across Beliefs & Kinesthetic Belief Change Process — 2 very powerful ways of assisting anyone replace beliefs which are limiting them with beliefs that help achieve their dreams and be who they really are.

The Swish Pattern — modified & updated for the 21st century. A powerful process that literally redirects unwanted behaviors towards more evolved ways of being that move a person past their old behavior into more fulfilling ways of feeling and acting.

Perceptual Positions — What they are and how to make use of them to assist clients to really step into the shoes of another person, to understand why they act as they do, and to know how to communicate to them more effectively.

Healing Relationships with Perceptual Positions — 2 Versions of this very powerful process for clearing up common relationship issues by using the perceptual positions to really facilitate and deepen understanding between people.

Perspective Patterns — What they are and how to use them to assist people in making important personal changes more easily.

Complete NLP Strategy for Smoking Cessation — Used effectively by Patrick and his students for years.

The Neurological Levels & their Applications — A simple, clear model of how the mind works that is easy to understand and explain to clients, so that they can understand the work that you do with them.

Aligning Neurological Levels – modified — A very powerful and effective process that creates congruence on all levels of a person, so that they have all their resources and passion for achieving any goal.

You’ll also learn methods to assist clients to improve any physical skill they have, such as any sports, dance or Yoga.

Learn how to assist anyone to let go unhealthy relationships and people, and how to set reasonable boundaries in their relationships.

Learn how to clear phobic-type responses and alleviate the effects of all kinds of traumatic experiences.

Also learn the classic language patterns of NLP which aid in clarifying what people say, and the Milton-Model which is so useful for eliciting and guiding trance.

And also learn processes NOT taught in any other NLP Course because they were created by Patrick Singleton, including a powerful process for transforming Self-Esteem and much more!

Benefits of C-NLPS Foundations Training:

This class is the entry to understanding how to create positive changes in the ways that people think, feel, act and respond to situations. Class is conducted in a safe and supportive environment, and there are live demos and practice of all the methods, and Q & A about each method. Class comes complete with its own Training Manual.

Upon completion of this Class, you’ll be ready for the full 10-day Certification Training, and even if you stop after this class for now, you’ll have gained powerful new tools and understandings for creating positive change with yourself and others.

Who the Foundations Training is for:

People new to NLP and perhaps even new to Hypnotherapy as well. It’s designed to give you the necessary tools and understandings to fully participate in the full 10-day Facilitator Certification Course with confidence.

Overview of Foundations Training:

Class runs the Sunday before the Full 10-day NLP Facilitator Certification Training. Thus, if you are interested, you can take the Foundations Training and immediately follow it up with the Certification Training.

For Schedule and Pricing Information:

call Patrick with questions  505-577-1436

What is Inner Mind Sourcing?

Inner Mind Sourcing is a new approach to creating change with people, that awakens their inner resources to be healthier and happier every day. We provide and specialize in NLP Facilitator Training, Past-Life Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapists Training.

IMS uses NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Clinical Hypnotherapy to tap into the talents, abilities and good qualities that people have, and makes them much more accessible in all kinds of situations. Inner Mind Sourcing also makes it possible to replace bad habits and behaviors, and negative responses and feelings, with positive and effective ways of acting, feeling and responding to life.

Founder, Patrick Singelton, CCHt, MPNLP, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy Insrtuctor by the A.C.H.E, and as a Master Practitioner of NLP by NLP Comprehensive.

What services does Inner Mind Sourcing offer?

We provide NLP Facilitator Training, Past-Life Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapists Training. Our current one-hour courses are as follows:

Inner Mind-Sourcing

1 hour: Inner Mind-Sourcing Sessions are more complete and in depth than just hypnotherapy or NLP by itself. I’ve done thousands of Sessions since 1997

Hypnotherapy and NLP Sessions

1 hour: I work with all kinds of issues. Have been seeing clients for 21 years Despite what it says below, the average Session length is about 90 minutes

Do you have any reviews?

Yes! We have many positive reviews on our NLP Facilitator Training, Past-Life Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapists Training. Here is a sampling of a few of our many positive reviews:

Kristen Jaslowich says: 
Patrick is amazing!!! Changed my life in 1 session. Strongly recommend!

Peter Hey says:
Patrick was one of the teachers during my certification as a hypnotherapist. Later, I did 9 months if personal work (sessions) with him. An exceptional teacher and human being!!

How can we contact you about your NLP Facilitator Training, Past-Life Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapists Training services?

Have a question on our NLP Facilitator Training, Past-Life Regression Therapy or Hypnotherapists Training services? Please feel free to contact us at any time. You can reach Patrick directly at: or by phone at 505-577-1436. We look forward to hearing from you! We provide and specialize in quality NLP Facilitator Training, Past-Life Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapists Training. Contact us soon!