Natal & Past-Life


  Why Learn Past-Life & Natal Regression?  

Because both methods allow you a much broader range of tools to locate the real causes of issues, Natal And Past-Life Regression processes make your work with Clients more effective and more comprehensive, producing better, more profound results with so many issues, including:

● Prepare Soon-to-be Mothers and Fathers for Childbirth 

We all have experiences, ideas, emotions and Beliefs imprinted on us as a result of our births. This is now fairly well known, though not necessarily completely understood by many people.

Of course, the better you understand all the implications of this, and what to Do about those things, the better equipped you will be to assist your clients to have the best, most thorough healing and transformation possible. Which means that during the Birth experience, your Mom is actually present in That Moment, instead of being triggered by association into thoughts and emotions from her Own Birth.

Also, many people have ideas, beliefs and “Life Scripts” imprinted in them as a result of their Conception and significant events which occurred during the pregnancy and birth, especially things that had a strong impact on their Mother.

In fact, the period of time from the moment of Conception till about the age of 3, is probably the most fertile period during a person’s life for the establishment of negative and limiting programming about life, people, men, women, food, authority figures, time, and most importantly, about themselves

And it is Safe to Explore these events and Heal them using the methods you learn in this Training.

● Uncover Client’s Life Scripts  

This topic is too large to cover in-depth here, but suffice it to say that everything that happens during the entire Natal Period is fair game for establishing life-long Beliefs about all the topics just mentioned and more. The BLUEPRINT for how a person views Life and themselves in relation to Life is created.

● Increase Client’s Self-Esteem 

The Natal Period is the beginning and the foundation of self-esteem for all of us, and it seldom occurs in perfect ways to create high self-esteem for people. Knowing how and why this occurs and having good tools to address it, gives you the ability to improve anyone’s self-esteem. And again, this is so important for Mothers-to-Be, because it is often the self-esteem of the Mother that is the largest influence on the self-esteem of the child.

● Clear Motivation and Time Issues 

Again, this is a large topic to cover, but we can say that the experience of time and motivation to complete things is colored by the birth experience in too many ways to list here, but we cover this in detail during this Training.

● Uncover & Clear Relationship Issues 

This is the very first relationship. The relationship to Mom and then Dad, and then to Self and all the relatives or family members who are part of the early experience. The patterns for all Other relationships are established during the Natal and “just after” Birth Period in many cases.

Clear certain Health Issues 

All kinds of health issues may arise in response to the Natal or Birth Period, depending on the health of the Mother and how well she cares for herself during the pregnancy, and how the actual birth happens.

Clear Issues with No Known Cause 

This is especially true with Past-Life Regression, but can also be true of Natal as well, for all the reasons previously covered. However, in Past-Life, you have a means of directly tracking issues back to the original source.

And it’s important to have a good understanding of the terrain of Past-Life and how to efficiently navigate that terrain, so that you know what you’re looking for, how to look, and then what to do with the information you uncover, so that it Resolves issues instead of making them worse.

Past-Life Regression allows you to track down the earliest (Originating) causes of peoples’ issues and diffuse them there IN the Past-Life, just as you do in Natal Regression – So the issues no longer influence Client’s current adult life in limiting ways.

Since BOTH these processes expose how long a pattern has been going on in a client’s life, the client often finds it much easier to let go of something that does not serve them now.

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