CREATOR of Inner Mind-Sourcing

Patrick was certified as an NLP Practitioner in 1995 & in 2003 as a Master Practitioner.

Certified in 1997 as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Patrick began seeing Clients. Later that year he was hired to teach NLP as part of a Hypnotherapy Training in Santa Fe. Patrick continued as a lead Instructor and Practical Skills Coach at the school for 14 years. In 2005 he designed and began presenting his own 10-day NLP Practitioner Training at the Hypnotherapy School in Santa Fe.

Patrick’s a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy Instructor with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners – ACHE, one of the oldest Hypnotherapy organizations in the United States. He’s presented at their annual International Hypnotherapy Conference in Glendale, California on three separate occasions since 1998.

In 2010, he moved his office out of the Hypnotherapy school, in order to devote more time to focus on teaching NLP and on his private practice. Since 2005 he has taught and certified over a hundred students as Facilitators of NLP, and since 1995, has performed over 3,000 sessions in private practice.

In 2011 Patrick left the Hypnotherapy school entirely in order to present his training material and methods under his own name, later changing the name of his business to Inner Mind-Sourcing  to reflect the growing uniqueness of the work. He continues to develop and present classes under his new business name, joining the Better Business Bureau as  Inner Mind Sourcing.

call Patrick with questions or to register:  505-577-1436