Inner Mind Sourcing™ – IMS – is a new approach to wellness that uses your Inner Mind’s resources in powerful new ways to resolve issues & generate more happiness every day.

By tapping more deeply into the fundamental capabilities of your brain and mind, IMS  makes all of your talents, abilities and good qualities more useable and available.   And it Resolves Issues by more directly removing the Causes and everything connected to them and supporting them, and IMS Replaces the Causes of Issues with all the necessary Resources to get you moving in a happier and more rewarding direction in your life. IMS also makes it possible to replace bad habits and behaviors, and negative emotional responses, with positive and useful ways of acting, feeling and responding to life. IMS converts beliefs that may limit you in any area of your life, into thoughts and feelings that motivate and empower you to think, feel, and act in ways that enrich your life. IMS has roots in NLP and Hypnotherapy, but goes further by really using your brain and mind more fully than ever, thereby taking inner technology into the 21st century, expanding the scope of what’s possible in the world of personal change.

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