Graduates interviewed on their January 2015 – IMS Facilitator Training: xxx
“Having taken well over 1000 hours of in-class training with various ‘esteemed’ instructors, I can honestly say that Patrick’s training has far exceeded all other classes I’ve taken – in all ways. I most value his deep insight and understanding of both NLP and hypnotherapy, and the creative and skillful ways he has combined them into easily teachable methods that have advanced my own understanding of both to the next level. Because Patrick’s training is packed with so much information and practice – I have especially valued the clear and comprehensive manuals and scripts included with the training. The manuals have proven to be more than worth the cost because they explain when, how, and why to use each method – I still find I go back to them week after week for answers, insight and ideas. I highly recommend Patrick’s training.”

Sharon Altman, MSW, CHt, C-NLPS,  Brighter Life Hypnosis 

“Patrick is an excellent teacher who incorporates spiritual, emotional, physical and mental aspects to his teaching, giving you a holistic (model of) therapy. The detail that he goes into in his teachings and unique methods is remarkable and this is something which I have not experienced with other NLP teachers. His energy and intuition make his classes a pleasure to attend…You (Patrick) need to do this internationally!!!”

Houry Pappin, NLPMP, C-NLPS 

“This is a powerful and transformative class with extremely well-written content and processes. Mr. Singleton is a gifted instructor who provided a warm and safe atmosphere for students from culturally diverse backgrounds to successfully explore deep issues… Having received an advanced Graduate Degree myself, no instructors in my curriculum were as skillful and proficient at delivering complex content and concepts as Mr. Singleton.”


“I highly recommend that you take the NLP Training Course with Patrick. You will learn a tremendous amount of information about NLP, but more importantly, you’ll learn how to work with your clients in practical ways to change their lives… It was an outstanding experience, but the real surprise was how much I changed during the 2 weeks of class. This course will change your life, it changed mine.”

Nils Montan, C-NLPS 

“The quality of the course material and the in-class experience is top-notch and reflects what Patrick contributes: He encourages students to participate 100% and that encourages incredible breakthroughs.”

Nicolette Eus, CHt, C-NLPS, IMS-F, nicoletteeus.com  

“After (just) one week of Patrick’s NLP Training, I’ve experienced significant inner ‘shifts’ and gained profound understanding of issues and feelings in all areas of my personal and professional life. Patrick is a master instructor, materials are excellent and expertly explained; and the level of individual involvement at all levels leads to clarity and solid understanding. Most of all, Patrick is compassionate and generous with his knowledge.”

Nan Caulderwood, CHt, C-NLPS 

“I really enjoyed the class so very much. My full experience (in the training) has benefited my personal life, my soul, my career life and my outlook on life. The NLP material was amazing to add to my Hypnotherapy knowledge and skills.”

Kimberly Hart, CHt, C-NLPS

“I’ve gotten more transformation in these 2 weeks than anything I’ve experienced in such a short period AND it was painless and FUN!!  Patrick is the most delightful, insightful, compassionate joy – it was so easy to be with him and therefore be with myself. He’s brilliant and detailed – I could relax knowing that whatever was going to be taught was going to be easy to get. And he inspires us to be creative with the work and opens up that great curiosity.”

Ilene Dunn, CHt, C-NLPS

“Every piece of this material learned in this course will be invaluable in my Hypnotherapy practice. The value of this course far exceeds the small cost, and the Instructor Patrick, is a perfect example of what these techniques can do for a person! His way of teaching makes it fun and natural and easy to learn the material.”

Andy Simpson, CHt, C-NLPS 

“Patrick is a gifted instructor. He combines clear communication, humor, and a deep knowledge of the material to bring the information to life. His course has ‘next day’ practical application and is life-changing. AMAZING!”

Connie Ballou, MA, OTRL, CHt, C-NLPS, IMS-F 

“I cannot express in words how thrilled, grateful and happy I am about taking this course. Patrick is a phenomenal teacher, committed to helping his students fully grasp the material. He makes learning fun, profound and exciting. This is a ‘must take’ course.”

Karla Lightfoot, CHt, C-NLPS 

“I absolutely love this class. I can see the value of every single process and how it will add tremendous value to my practice. Patrick’s teaching style is very approachable. He is professional with a sense of ease rarely matched. I have truly enjoyed this class!”

Kimberly Love, CHt, C-NLPS, IMS-F 

“Every aspect of Patrick’s course was evidence of his personal commitment to helping others get the most out of their lives. He approaches his calling with great humility and a wonderful sense of humor so often missing in the area of personal transformation. If you’re ready for a life-altering experience, I highly recommend Patrick’s NLP Course.”

Michael Glinsky, CHt, C-NLPS 

“By far this is the best training course I’ve experienced. The material was excellent and the instruction was exceptional. I highly recommend the class to anyone wanting to improve their coaching, therapy or facilitation skills.”

Steve Frison, CHt, C-NLPS 

“I feel personally and professionally transformed. The processes and techniques are so grounded and rooted in very real everyday issues and yet (they) allowed for beautiful and out-of-the-ordinary positive spiritual experiences… This program has something for everyone. I am forever grateful…”

Diane Kennedy, CHt, C-NLPS 

Run don’t walk to the next Creative NLP Solutions™ training. I learned so much more than I expected or thought was possible in two weeks. The best part is that it’s immediately applicable to working with clients. I’m going to be a more effective Hypnotherapist because of this class.”

Kim Kreutzer, CHt, C-NLPS