Creative NLP Solutions™ is NLP for the 21st Century

All the classic methods have been refined and updated and new methods created by Patrick Singleton have been added. Patrick has been combining NLP and Hypnotherapy methods in his teaching and private practice since the late 1990’s, and began creating his own processes using both modalities in the early 2000’s.

Creative NLP Solutions™ methods are modified and updated, rather than the same procedures from the 70’s and 80’s

As soon as Patrick began teaching NLP methods to Hypnotherapy students, he began modifying and refining them for greater understanding on the part of students and for greater effectiveness with clients.

Creative NLP Solutions™ does things using the tools of NLP that are NOT taught in other schools or books on NLP

These ideas and methods have been created by Patrick Singleton, who has taught NLP to people from all over the world since 1997 and performed over 3,000 sessions with clients.

C-NLPS™ is constantly evolving and changing because it’s based on what works best with people

Teaching NLP and maintaining a private practice are ongoing activities for Patrick, so he’s always refining the methods, based on how well students learn them and how effectively they work for students and clients.

Patrick is always looking for ways to make C-NLPS™ more thorough and effective

Sometimes this means finding NEW applications for methods, and sometimes it means creating NEW processes, based on the inner technology already established by NLP.

Creative NLP Solutions™ is ONLY available in private Sessions with Patrick and his Graduates, and in the Trainings given by Inner Mind Sourcing™ – created by Patrick in order to present C-NLPS™ Trainings and IMS Facilitator Trainings

Current Courses Available Include:

The quest to continually expand what’s possible and improve the efficacy of what already exists, ensures that C–NLPS remains dynamic and always growing, changing and improving, so the methods work elegantly and efficiently, with all kinds of issues and goals, and all kinds of people.

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